Deborah S. Nelson

Deborah S. NelsonThe Writer Emerges—Nelson's Early Years

Ms. Nelson's first significant dream occurred when she was 14 years old. Her dream was to be a newspaper editor and writer. And she fulfilled that dream within her first year of junior high. Even with no way to pay for it, her next dream was to earn her college education. In between studies and work she made time to write for her college newspaper. Dreaming and writing, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after, she joined The Austin Sun, an entertainment, arts, and cultural magazine. In the 90s, Working Women Magazine recognized Nelson for entrepreneurial excellence; and she was also selected as a national finalist for Ms. Corporate America 2008. The books below are Nelson's vision books. To see her 22 paperbacks go to Amazon Books.

Nelson Ushers in the Digital Publishing Age

About two decades ago we saw the arrival of the digital age, Ms. Nelson worked for a book publishing company as an editorial assistant, where she learned the process of professional publishing using the latest digital innovations. Yet, as a single mom determined to raise her daughter on purpose, she stepped into self-employment. Her growing client base gave her on the ground opportunity to hone and adapt her writing skills to original website content, blogs, and online marketing pieces. With her degree in advertising, she blends her writing and advertising expertise to create stunning social media campaigns, email newsletters, e-books, blogs, Kindle books, Amazon paperbacks, infographics, original articles, and website development. Her marketing company, also specializes in 51 different printing processes, to include flat sheet printing and self-publishing books.

Deborah S. Nelson Writing Specialties

Ms. Nelson writes primarily in subject areas: Travel, Writing, Self-Publishing, Self Growth, and Natural Health. Her nine years of experience writing full time for the travel industry, and part-time in private publishing and writing coaching has helped authors to bring their works to Amazon and Kindle. Ms. Nelson has conducted a series of workshops teaching people the life skill of goal setting and has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the art and science of human potential. Ms. Nelson has written and published seven travel guides called The Vacation Rental Travel Guide Series.

Publish on Amazon: Deborah S. Nelson, Self-Publishing Coach

With two decades in the publishing, advertising, and printing industries, Ms. Nelson’s uses her talents to help bring writer's books to the published forefrontAs a publishing coach, she has guided at least 100 authors to publish their works—most of the first time authors. Her powerful new guidebook entitled Publish Your Book Blueprint familiarizes both seasoned and aspiring authors with every step of the digital publishing process. By the course end, each author will produce a published proof of their book concept which prepares them for final publication on Amazon. This system not only circumvents countless hours of learning time and frustration, but participants will be well positioned to publish again and again. Ms. Nelson offers complimentary publishing consultations on TUESDAYS, by appointment from her website.

Nelson Coaches Haitians Boys to Write & Publish Vision Book

Haiti UP! by Minguito Deshommes and Junior ValCourt

Nelson's Body of Work—Books & Courses

Deborah S. Nelson is the author and publisher of 24 books, including The Newest Secret, Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual, Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Branding, The Vacation Rental Travel Guide Series, and the Author Your Reality series. Ms. Nelson writes and travels for her travel publication, The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. She teaches several courses—including the What's Your Story? Vision Course, Publish Your Book Blueprint and also offers private publishing consultations—all to help you make your dreams, including a dream to publish come to reality. See more information about Deborah's Dream Planning Courses.