About the Authors

Minguito Deshommes and Junior ValCourt, like many other Haitians are in economic exile from their homeland. Unable to make a living in Haiti, they live and work in neighboring country Dominican Republic.

Self-employed entrepreneurs for the last 10 years—they were shoe shine boys, souvenir sales boys by the beach, and now do translations for ministries traveling to the area.

They both speak three languages fluently, and after publishing the book—can now read and write in English and Spanish. They have become whizzes with math and computer. They have yet to complete high school—another dream they each wish to fulfill.

With absentee fathers, the young leaders generously contribute to the support of their mothers & younger siblings.

About the Haiti UP! Project

The Haiti UP! Project and its directive to "Seize the Haitian Dream," begins with a true story of two Haitian boys named Minguito and Junior. They have lived and worked in the Dominican Republic since they were 7 and 8 years old; and like many Haitians, are in economic exile from their homeland.

They became shoe shine boys near the beach in Sosua to contribute support to their families. Happy to be making a living, they worked with big, beautiful, bold smiles on their faces.

One day a special traveler from Canada gave them the biggest tip of their lives—seven months of English Lessons.

But they didn't stop there. Able to speak English, they captured the heart of Author Deborah S. Nelson who gifted her "Dreams to Reality" Course by which they uncovered a bold new vision for their lives.

Now 17 and 18 years old, they are small in stature with big, bold hearts and even a bigger dream.

UPDATE: Ten years later both are young successful entrepreneurs—one with legal citizenship and the other in process. Junior has purchased land and is building a home for his mother.

About the Book

This is the story of their dream for themselves as entrepreneurs for Haiti. This giant dream will touch your heart and may even make you cry.

As Entrepreneurial Missionaries, these boys realize it could take decades for their dream to come true. But with this vision board book, they have launched that journey!