Travel Writing Blogs—LEVEL 1
Travel Writing Blogs—LEVEL 1
Travel Writing Blogs—LEVEL 1
Travel Writing Blogs—LEVEL 1

Travel Writing Blogs—LEVEL 1

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SILVER 1 travel guide, article, blog, or newsletter/wk $175
GOLD 3 travel guides, articles, blogs, or newsletters/wk $525
PLATINUM 5 travel guides, articles, blogs, or newsletters/wk $875

*Packages are priced at $0.20 per word for writing plus $0.15 per word for on-page optimization for a total of $0.35 per word.


In the game of attracting traffic to your booking site; “Content is King,” has never been more true.

If you desire to add more bookings to your bottom line, you need to attract guests to book directly from your property management website. This means you must attract and drive more traffic to your website. Therefore, travel content is crucial to this big picture.

How Content Brings Bookings

Content may be in the form of blogs, travel guides, special events, and things to do in your vacation rental area. The goal is to funnel traffic from these articles directly to your booking site.

Obviously, potential guests seek access to intriguing information about vacation rental locations. Indeed, geographically tagged articles can also pop up in search engines and guide more travelers to your property.

Deborah S. Nelson, your travel blog writer, is the author-publisher of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide.

Packages paid per month.

Deborah S. Nelson, Travel Writer

Deborah S. Nelson, AuthorWith years of travel writing experience, Nelson is publisher of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. She specializes in extensive third-party reviews of vacation rental properties. In the past few years, Nelson has written nearly 300 travel articles for major vacation rental sites and various travel publications. Nelson is the author of There is a Niche for Every Travel ItchThe Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual, and Don’t Let Them Steal Your Brand.