SPP 004—Powerful Resources List: Includes Ms. Nelson's Top Books

SPP 004—Powerful Resources List: Includes Ms. Nelson's Top Books

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Prerequisite (Optional): SPP 001: Busting Negative Thought Habits, SPP 002 Dreams to Reality and being ready to start learning Self Transformation through Self-Publishing

Vision Book Samples: DS Publishing Author Library

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The RIGHT Information is Power!

Ms. Nelson has read and studied nearly 500 books (or more) over the past 25 years related to the human potential movement. Indeed, she reports that about 10 of them impacted, inspired, and taught her more than all the rest. Here, she has listed some key books on this Powerful Resource List. If just one of these impacts you the way it helped her, then she is pleased to save you from years of looking for key information.

Things you want to do are simple if you can put your hands on the resources and information you need—impossible if you can't. This POWERFUL 2-page list of books, info, and connections will help you feel more confident. And, who knows? One of these resources may even help you to take that first step to publish a book, or to learn to action your dreams.

After you completed one of the two Book Blueprint Publishing courses you will be ready to finalize your publishing process. This course will deal with copyrights and royalties. However, the difference between the 501 and 601 courses is the setting. Dream Planning 601 are private sessions to bring your dream into reality through a published book.

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