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DISCOVER THE AUTHOR WITHIN—1/2 Hr. Publishing Consult by Deborah S. Nelson

DISCOVER THE AUTHOR WITHIN—1/2 Hr. Publishing Consult by Deborah S. Nelson

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Publishing Coaching-30-Minute Session-Complimentary with a $1 processing fee. For more information about Ms. Nelson's private coaching fees, you may go to Deborah's Personal Website.

In this fun & exciting world of print on demand, sometimes you just get stuck. Maybe you get busy. Or, maybe you get frustrated. Some writers have started on this journey and spend enough money on the project to buy a small house. If you would like to learn more about the DIY Publishing books, tools, courses, or if you just need someone to talk to about writing and publishing your book, I offer half-hour free consultations.

If you are totally into DIY and cannot afford any of the resources here, at least give try my free half hour consultation. As an author who has experienced the thrill of publishing many times, I am all about helping writers get to the finishing line. With print on demand, democracy has now come to the publishing world. Self-Publishing is affordable and doable.

Deborah S. Nelson is dedicated to bringing new, published authors and their creative works to the world. After taking just one of her courses most people have found the author within themselves. Many of her students have gone on to publish a 2nd, 3rd and 4th book on their own.

Ms. Nelson is quick to point out that there are 3 major phases to bringing a book to the world:

PHASE ONE: Write the Book

PHASE TWO: Publish the Book

PHASE THREE: Market the Book

You may or may not be ready to publish your book but why not find out once and for all if this is a viable dream for you? There is no obligation, but Ms. Nelson offers these complimentary sessions as her service to writers who have a dream to publish. If ready, you will determine which of the Publishing Solo Solutions is right for you, whether that be the least expensive do-it-yourself option, the intensive Publishing Solo Course taught personally by Deborah S. Nelson (online, in person, or a retreat); or one of her private Author Publishing Packages, you will know where you stand with your book project by the end of the session.

Ms. Nelson’s book publishing coaching fee is $195 per hour, and you may apply for a complimentary 20-minute session. Everything is confidential, and as an author, Ms. Nelson is sensitive to your intellectual property and includes a confidentiality agreement with your paid or complimentary consultation.

For a half hour consultation write us at or call 202-871-8774 x 1 to make the appointment on Thursdays between 10 am and noon. I dedicated to those who have a passion for writing and publishing! There is no obligation, except to go out and publish! 

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