Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER
Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER

Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER

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Discover the Author Within

Do you ever feel like you are a bit stuck in the writing phase? Do you have a dusty manuscript sitting in a drawer somewhere? Writing a book takes a passion, work and timesometimes years, and even decades. However, finishing the manuscript is only the first phase. The second phase is publishing the bookand with print on demand you can actually publish that book yourself!

What is the First Step to Publish?

Are you ready to take THAT FIRST BRAVE STEP towards realizing your dream to be a published author? Produced personally by self-publishing goddess Deborah S. Nelson, this beginner's Flash Book Writing Kit gets you started with the basics.

If you are not quite sure you want to self-publish, but your passion, wisdom, and joy to share your story is growing and gnawing on youbuy this beginner Flash Book Writing Kit to find out if self-publishing is for you. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Publish

Publishing a book is an admirable dream and a great endeavor! But where do you start? It has been said: “You don’t know what you don’t know!” So many of us give up because there is one key thing we do not know how to overcome. We can get stuck and never get past it.

With the SILVER kit, download immediately and take that first step towards publishing your book using by using print on demand. This means you can publish your book sooner than you ever thought! Also, once you study the materials, you may address all your questions to Deborah S. Nelson in your half-hour private publishing consultation!

Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER Curriculum
Busting Negative Thought Habits: 10 Episodes $34.00
Self-Publishing Toolkit $80.00
Finding the Author Within Textbook E-book $24.95
Published as Last Workbook E-book & Paperback $49.90
30-Minute Consultation with Deborah S. Nelson $97.00

Book Coaching with Deborah S. Nelson

With this Flash Book Writing Kit—SILVER, you receive many of the tools necessary to complete and publish your own book. This package includes important baby-step resources in the form of digital downloads. If you need extra help, purchase the $1 half-hour consultation with Deborah S. Nelson (value $97.50). These tools will help you to travel the “do-it-yourself” publishing road!

After spending decades in the printing and publishing business, Ms. Nelson created some very practical resources. These tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time money and frustration—and will help push you all the way through the finishing line! Soon you’ll be telling your friends and family “I am a published author and you can buy my book on AMAZON.” Business clients and colleagues will see you in a whole new light.

If you require more one-on-one consultation, Nelson offers an upgraded Flash Book Writing Kit—GOLD.

DIY Publishing Kits include the DIY Digital Curriculum

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