Email Marketing & Newsletters—LEVEL 2

Email Marketing & Newsletters—LEVEL 2

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Connect with guests or potential guests weekly, monthly, or quarterly with email newsletters about what is happening in your area and your vacation properties. Purchase our email template to get started. Email marketing serves three main purposes:

  1. Branding: Building your brand recognition, logo, site repeatedly in front of your target market eyes
  2. Traffic: Getting traffic to your blog, or website
  3. Sales: Promoting a new product, sales, or travel news

Email marketing includes three steps. First, we will create a custom email template for your company. Then, we will analyze and set up the appropriate email service according to your needs. Thirdly, we will send your emails for $0.10 per email (500 emails minimum).

For this package, you will have the team of Sara Wright and Deborah S. Nelson. Together, they have created hundreds of newsletters and done email mailings of up to 175k per week. Keep your name at the top of guests' minds with repeat contact so your guests will think about you for vacation time. Make off-season sales, discounts for referrals, and repeat bookings!

Deborah Nelson, Marketing Expert

Deborah S. Nelson, AuthorWith years of travel writing experience, Nelson is an author and publisher of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. The marketing experience from her early career years when she ran a marketing agency, is especially useful these days. Today, Nelson specializes in branding her clients' vacation properties which involve individualizing properties with a memorable name and face. In the past few years, Nelson has written nearly 300 travel articles for major vacation rental sites and various travel publications. Nelson is the author of There is a Niche for Every Travel ItchThe Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual, and Don’t Let Them Steal Your Brand. In addition, Nelson has experience with creating and sending travel newsletters to a 175,000 list.

Sara Wright, Marketing Assistant

Sara Wright

Sara is the multi-talented and competent managing editor at Vacation Rental Brand. This includes the highly skilled design and editorial experience she brings to travel articles, blogs, and websites. As a multi-media person, she also helps with video creating and editing as well as proofreading. She has played a key role in the publishing of nearly 300 travel articles in the past few years.