Don't Let Them Steal Your Brand!—10 Vacation Rental Niches to Make Your Bookings Soar

Don't Let Them Steal Your Brand!—10 Vacation Rental Niches to Make Your Bookings Soar

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The drain from the Online Travel Agencies (OTA) stops here and now. Calling all Property Managers, Property Investors, Real Estate Marketers, Airbnb hosts, Bed & Breakfast Spots … Entrepreneurs, VRBO hosts, and HomeAway hosts—your search for the ultimate guide to taking back your market from the OTAs is over!

Expert vacation rentalpreneur Deborah S. Nelson shares her field-tested success strategies in this new, informative, DIY, easy-to-read manual. Deborah S. Nelson is also author and publisher of 7 volumes of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide as well as The Vacation Rental Owner's Manual.

This manual is custom-crafted for the travel, hospitality and investment industries:

  • Decodes the DNA of the vacation rental guest!
  • Teaches powerful niche branding techniques to leverage long-term success.
  • Outlines the steps needed to win in this aggressive vacation rental market.
  • Boost your rental property income by 10-25%

  • Put an end to the frustration with the online travel agencies and the ginormous dent they have made on your vacation business. Supercharge your vacation rentals and watch your profits soar. Finally, the time has arrived for you to reanimate your investment properties and surf the 100 Billion Dollar vacation rental wave of success!

    The OTAs have co-opted your vacation rental business. With this manual, you can wield the opportunity to take it back.

    Are you willing to implement direct steps to success? Are you willing to implement new tactics? If so, this book unlocks 10 super-profitable vacation rental niche markets for your exploration.

    How often have you wished there was an easier way to succeed in this rental market? Well, not only are these successful strategies, they are easy, breezy and relatively quick to implement.

    Think of it as your crash-course in niche marketing and branding. Remember, business strategy comes in two parts: Part one: Concept. Part two: Execution. You must be willing to execute these strategies in order to reap the wisdom of these vacation rental-getaway profit-generating concepts.

    Learn the 10 vacation rental niche markets. Plus, apply a tested formula for crafting high-converting niche marketing that targets, gets attention, and closes bookings for your vacation rental.

    Here are the 10 niches you can dominate, complete with niche advertising examples and ideas:

    Niche 1: Beach Area Vacation Rentals
    Niche 2: Family-Focused Vacation Rentals
    Niche 3: Outstandingly Located Vacation Rentals
    Niche 4: Retreat and Event Vacation Rentals
    Niche 5: Super Romantic Vacation Rentals
    Niche 6: Ultra Luxurious Vacation Rentals
    Niche 7: Unusually Unique Vacation Rentals
    Niche 8: Vacation Rentals for the Sports Enthusiast
    Niche 9: Vacation Rentals for Wine Lovers
    Niche 10: Value Conscious Vacation Rentals
    BONUS NICHE 11: YOUR Vacation Rental Niche

    Each niche section contains brainstorming ideas to keep your investment properties doing what they need to do—generate income. In addition, a comprehensive workbook and toolkit are at your fingertips that teaches you how to leverage and maximize your rental property assets.

    Don’t Let Them Steal Your Brand! walks you through the numbers game, shows you how to find your niche, how to target niches, and build your brand. Safeguard against your investment property morphing into a money pit. Do not be a day late—and a vacation rental property booking short. Get your new vacation rental go-to-guide for booking more vacation renters and managing your vacation properties. This is a rare, industry tell-all book that contains a vast wealth of information.

    Don’t Let Them Steal Your Brand! is ideal for Consultants, Small Businesses, Marketers, Realtors, Hospitality, Lodging, Resorts, Vacation Podcasters, and Newsmakers.