This GOLD Do-it-Yourself Publish a Book Kits offers a Finding the Author Within Textbook, Published at Last Workbook plus consult with Book Publishing Coach Deborah S Nelson
Find the Author Within encourages, supports, and inspires first time writers how to self-publish their book.
Published at Last is the Companion Workbook to Finding the Author Within--both books guide writers how to publish a book using print on demand and indie publishing venues
Publish Your Book Blueprint, By Deborah S. Nelson is a convenient Journal and Instructive book for showing new authors the parts of a book in chronological order.
Dictionary of Self-Publishing terms is a simple min-course designed for the beginning writer writer who wants to understand self-publishing terminology before embarking on self-publishing a book.
Powerful resources helps new writers who want to publish a book prepare themselves with suggested books, websites, and other tools.
This is a certificate of coaching time with Self-Publishing Coach Deborah S Nelson, which is included in this PUBLISH A BOOK KIT, the Gold DIY PUBLISHING KIT bye Deborah S Nelson, Publishing SOLO
Dreams to Reality is a one page document with the 10 POWERFUL Steps to bring a dream to reality by Author Deborah S Nelson. Based on her Book Author Your Reality.
This toolbox is instantly downloadable from the dreamtopublish site and includes a multitude of tools which carefully prepares a new writer to self-publish a book. Created by Deborah S. Nelson, Author-Book Coach-Speaker
Want to Publish a Book--but don't have the time or know-how? This Self-publishing toolbox teaches the basics. Includes 7 instructional videos, Intent to Self-Publish Agreement, Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms, and much much more. Created by Deborah S Nelson of Publishing SOLO for new writers who want to publish a book yourself.
Deborah S. Nelson, Author of 22 books, and Publishing coach has created this amazing set of lessons from her 30 years in the publishing industry. Once your book is written, one of the most expensive costs in self publishing is to hire an editor. This course series is instantly downloadable and teaches the TEN top stealth ways to edit your own book. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—GOLD
Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—GOLD
Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—GOLD

Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—GOLD

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Ready to Publish Your Book—But Don't Have Time for the Publishing House Runaround?

The landscape of the publishing industry changed drastically in the past decade. Unless you are a known celebrity, getting published through a traditional publishing house is a big gamble of your time and energy. However, print-on-demand has brought democracy, as well as efficiency to book publishing. But how does print on demand work?

The GOLD Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit will get you on the road to self-publishing using print on demand. This means you can print just one book now, thus drastically reduces the investment in publishing a book.

Your passion to share your story, wisdom, or joy is an admirable dream and a great endeavor! But where do you start? Start with these Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kits to learn "what you don't know." The Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—GOLD includes everything in the Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—SILVER in a USB laser pen plus a one-hour session with Deborah S. Nelson who can help you implement those tools in the best possible way.

The Dream to Publish USB contains important baby-step resources. These tools will help you to move down the do-it-yourself publishing road! After spending decades in the publishing business, Ms. Nelson created some very practical resources. These tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time money and frustration—and will help push you all the way through the finishing line! Soon you will be telling your friends and family “I am a published author and you can buy my book on AMAZON.” Business clients and colleagues will see you in a whole new way. Here are the resources you receive in this powerful little thumb drive as well as the consultation upon purchasing the GOLD Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit:

GOLD Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit Curriculum 
Busting Negative Thought Habits: 10 Day E-Course $17.00
Self-Publishing Toolkit-Videos, Intent to Publish Agreement, Self-Publishing Checklist + $47.00
Smoothly Written Ride: 10 Days of DIY Editing Tips $27.00
Finding the Author Within Textbook Paperback & E-book $27.00
Published as Last Workbook Paperback & E-book $37.00
Publish Your Book Blueprint in a Week E-book $47.00
10 Dreams to Reality Steps Bonus $7.00
Power Resource Sheet $7.00
Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms $17.00
60-Minute Consultation with Deborah S. Nelson $195.00

If you require more one-on-one consultation, Nelson offers an upgraded Do-it-Yourself Publishing Kit—PLATINUM.

DIY Publishing Kits include the DIY Digital Curriculum

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