CONSULTATION & COACHING Deborah S Nelson, Book Coach
CONSULTATION & COACHING Deborah S Nelson, Book Coach
CONSULTATION & COACHING Deborah S Nelson, Book Coach
CONSULTATION & COACHING Deborah S Nelson, Book Coach

CONSULTATION & COACHING Deborah S Nelson, Book Coach

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Pre-Purchase Consultation 

For questions about retreats, courses, and products prior to your purchase, we invite you to schedule a half-hour complimentary consultation with Deborah S. Nelson, Book Coach.

Are You Craving to Publish a Book? 

I am guessing you have already written a book—or are in the process of writing it. Perhaps, that manuscript is sitting in a desk drawer or even in a "digital drawer." What better time to resurrect that cherished manuscript than during lockdown? Because of the virus lockdown, you have the extra time and as do I.

Book Coaching

It is my joy and service to offer 1/2 hour Book Publishing Coaching Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons-complimentary with a $1 processing fee. Enlist my help to get you moving down the highway of independent publishing. For more information about Ms. Nelson's book coaching, learn more details at Deborah's PublishingSOLO Magazine. If you feel that half an hour is not going to do it, see my entire coaching package collection.

In this fun & exciting world of digital publishing, sometimes you get stuck. Maybe you get busy. Or, perhaps you get frustrated. Some writers have started on the journey and spent enough money to pay the down payment on a small house. If you want to learn more about DIY publishing books, tools, courses, or if you just need someone to talk to about writing and publishing your book, I am here for you.

Experience the Exhilaration of Being Published

As an author who has experienced the thrill of publishing, I am all about helping writers get to the finishing line. With print on demand, democracy has now come to the publishing world. self-publishing is affordable and doable. And now, because of the virus lockdown, you have the time.
I am dedicated to bringing new authors and their creative works to the world. After taking one of my courses most people have found the author within themselves. Many of my students have gone on to publish a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th book on their own.

Confidential Book Coaching

As an author, I am sensitive to your intellectual property and actually include a signed confidentiality agreement with your paid consultation.

Be sure to click on the "duration" button above to schedule your session before adding to the shopping cart. I am dedicated to those who have a passion for writing and publishing. There is no obligation, except to fulfill your dream to publish! 

About Deborah S. Nelson

Deborah S. Nelson, AuthorDeborah S. Nelson is a published author of 22 books. She offers publishing and writing coaching, plus author branding services which include author websites, hosting, logos, book design, marketing, and author branded products. Nelson also provides blogs, editing, and ghostwriting backed by 10 years of experience.

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Coaching packages must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.