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Ultimate Digital Curriculum Toolbox

Ultimate Digital Curriculum Toolbox

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Prerequisite (Optional): SPP 001: Busting Negative Thought Habits and being ready to start learning Self Transformation through Self-Publishing

 Vision Book Samples: DS Publishing Author Library

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If you are inspired and want to start right away, then instantly download our complete Do-it-Yourself Self Publishing curriculum. You may also use the two book set of The Newest Secret and its workbook to compose and publish your vision book- Or you may use the Book Blueprint Workbook as the template to prepare your digital files for print on demand publishing. This download includes the following.

So, you want to publish a book? Your passion to share your story, wisdom, or joy is an admirable dream and a great endeavor! And now, since the advent of print on demand, democracy has come to the publishing world. But where do you start? It has been said: “You don’t know what you don’t know!” So many of us give up because there is just this one key thing we do not know how to overcome. We can get stuck and never get past it.

However, with this Publish in Paradise USB, you will have those important baby-step resources at your fingertips. These tools will help you to move down the “do-it-yourself” publishing road! After spending decades in the publishing business, Ms. Nelson created some very practical resources. These tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time money and frustration—and will help push you all the way through the finishing line! Soon you’ll be telling your friends and family “I am a published author and you can buy my book on AMAZON.” Business clients and colleagues will see you in a whole new way. Here are the resources this powerful little thumb drive includes:

  • Busting Negative Thought Habits: 10 Day E-Course ($39)
  • Self-Publishing Toolkit ($49)
  • Smoothly Written Ride: 10 Days of DIY Editing Tips ($39)
  • Newest Secret Textbook ($12.95)
  • Newest Secret Workbook ($24.95)
  • 10 Dreams to Reality Steps Bonus ($3)
  • Power Resource Sheet ($5)
  • Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms ($7)
  • The Book Blueprint ($29.95)

Total Retail Value: $209.85

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