This "How to Publish a Book Yourself" Kit teaches you through a text and workbook format how to rewrite the script of your life and CHANGE YOUR story. It includes a text and workbook, along with instant digital downloads, plus a consultation with the auth
Chang Your Story textbook, Written by Deborah S. Nelson teaches the basics of dream planning and goal setting.
Change Your Story Workbook, helps you to go through 10 steps to prepare you how to write and self-publish a book that tells your new story!
This certificate is a physical download of the awarded consultation with Self Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson who will help you with publishing your new life story.
Busting Negative Thought Habits--This image shows how you can break out of negativity. The image is an elephant climbing a rope. With this 10 part mini-course you will learn the power of changing your negative thought habits. Course by Book Coach Deborah
Deborah S. Nelson Headshot: She is a self-publishing coach and author of 22 books. Also a Freelance writer, ghost writer, and ghost publisher
Change Your Story Vision Kit—PLATINUM

Change Your Story Vision Kit—PLATINUM

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Rewrite the Story of Your Life 

If nothing but the best will do, the Change Your Story Vision Kit PLATINUM Edition will surely launch you into the redesign of your new life. The Change Your Story Curriculum leads you through an inner journey that brings out the best in you! Plus, you will also have a 120-minute consultation with Author-Coach Deborah S. Nelson whose invaluable experience in reinventing herself seven times over will inspire you to greatness.

After spending decades in the printing and publishing business, Ms. Nelson created some very practical resources. These tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time money and frustration—and will help push you all the way through the finishing line!

The Change Your Story Vision Kit PLATINUM Edition features various tools to rewrite your life story in the form of digital downloads. Utilize your hour and a half consultation with Deborah S. Nelson when ready to work one-on-one to complete your dream journey. However, if you need extra help, purchase the $1 half-hour consultation with Deborah S. Nelson (value $97.50).

PLATINUM Change Your Story Vision Kit Curriculum

Busting Negative Thought Habits: 10 Episodes $34.00
Change Your Story Textbook Paperback & E-book $39.9‬0
Change Your Story Workbook Paperback & E-book $49.9‬0
120 Minute Consultation with Deborah S. Nelson $390.00
Ten Dreams to Reality Steps $7.00

Digital downloads must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.