SPP 001—Busting Negative Thought Habits

SPP 001—Busting Negative Thought Habits

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Prerequisite: Desire to upgrade your or redesign your life!

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This simple, but effective e-course is part of Ms. Nelson's Self-Publishing Preparation Series. (SPP). Ms. Nelson's success rate is 97% of those who come to her complete their book and publish it. One of the reasons for this is because she carefully prepares her clients to take the journey with simple basics. As one of Ms. Nelson’s newest self-help preparation e-courses, 10 Days of Busting Negative Thought Habits is the prerequisite for publishing your vision book, plus all of our DIY (do-it-yourself) publishing courses.

Busting Negative Thought Habits explores the "10 Big Action Steps" to activate your dreams. This is also featured in the Newest Secret Workbook where it is broken down into further detail. Essentially, this e-course walks you through life-changing action steps in a simple and easy way. Each day you will receive an email discussing a new topic teaching you how to move towards your dreams. This course also includes a thought habit overview in the end. The big key is for you to practice and commit a few minutes per day.

An overview of the steps include:
  • Day 1: Launch Your Courage
  • Day 2: Overcome Obstacles
  • Day 3: Stop Insanity
  • Day 4: Follow Your Heart
  • Day 5: Activate Your True Desires
  • Day 6: Build Momentum
  • Day 7: Free Your Imagination
  • Day 8: Seeing is Believing
  • Day 9: Dreams to Reality
  • Day 10: Mind Power

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