Robert Munster

Robert MunsterBorn on Miami Beach during a hurricane, Robert’s life has been a whirlwind from day one. Moving from Florida with his family of five siblings, he spent his formative years in Maine. After being drafted and spending a year in Vietnam, Robert has lived a nomadic lifestyle in answer to his inner guidance.

Having resided in Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Utah, and Hawaii, he continues that trend by splitting his time between the Dominican Republic and Maine.

Who Are We Really? by Robert MunsterMr. Munster has spent thirty five years as an Occupational Therapist working in numerous medically related settings including acute and long term rehabilitation, home health, schools and private practice. He continues to participate in multi-hands therapy programs utilizing inter-species communication and behavior to promote the healing process.

Living on Intuition: Enriching Your Life through Inner Guidance by Robert MunsterWhen not gardening, writing, editing or involved in building projects, you will find him engaged in varied, outdoor activities.These include kayaking, skiing, surfing, biking, picking wild fruit or hunting edible mushrooms in the mountains and forests.

On Our Way Home by Robert MunsterAnd, when he's had enough of surfing or writing, Robert spends winter months involved in sustainable agriculture and educational programs. In between his many projects, he always finds time for a trip to snow covered mountains or a new country.

Robert regularly visits his children and grandchildren in California. Nicknamed Duay, Robert spends as many hours as possible with the kids. Sending the parents away for a night or a weekend, Duay and crew can be found partying up a storm watching a show and eating ice cream or popcorn until the wee hours of 8:30 p.m.

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