Thirty plus years of Raye Haskell’s career was spent as a public sector executive for local and state government leading organizations from 10 to 350 people. She held high profile positions and was a leader in producing solutions in health, criminal justice, natural resources and treasury programs with statewide impact. In addition, she has worked as a nutritional consultant helping people with health issues from weight loss to medical crisis. She holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration and is a certified trainer, certified nutritional consultant and a certified integrative coach.<\p>

In 1998, Raye left her executive career in Sacramento to marry and move to Santa Barbara. Within a year and for the next ten years she was cast in the role of primary caregiver for both her husband and mother who through illness became wheelchair dependent. Following her husband’s death in 2006, Raye, left exhausted and without a sense of who she was, became drawn to Debbie Ford’s work. Using skills from her coaching training in 2006 and 2007, Raye was able to have profound conversations with her mother and guided her in releasing old grudges. The work brought them closer before the end.

Raye understands the needs and challenges of leaders who need to set a vision for their organizations and inspire staff with goals and action plans to move forward towards the vision. She acutely understands the complexity of working with leadership and political issues as well as internal team and personnel issues. Through experience Raye understands personal and professional loss. Now as a life coach Raye uses her skill to guide clients in finding their own direction toward personal healing and fulfillment. The breadth of her training and experience gives Raye depth, compassion and strength in coaching individuals with a wide range of challenges.