Private Coaching

Life Coaching by Deborah S. Nelson

Ms. Nelson is experienced and capable in many aspects of life coaching including: General Life Coaching, Personal Vision Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Self-Publishing Coaching and Personal and Author Brand Coaching.

Author of various curriculums, Nelson applies What's Your Story? text and workbook, The Newest Secret text and workbook, Publish Your Book Blueprint, and Don't Let Them Steal Your Brand! to her coaching practice.

One approach to one dilemma can, and has, saved Ms. Nelson's clients thousands of dollars and hours of frustrations. The outcome of a coaching package often includes a client's self-published book title. These include a life plan book, book blueprint, paperback or Kindle on Amazon—or even a professional and thorough business or marketing plan.

Writing by Deborah S. Nelson

Ms. Nelson accepts intriguing projects and clients on a limited basis. Her writing repertoire includes blogs, website content, social media campaigns, email newsletters. She is proficient at editing, ghostwriting, and publishing books to Amazon.

Ms. Nelson's writing background spans decades with focus in the areas of vacation rental travel, self-publishing, branding, personal transformation, and natural health.

Nelson's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. Her work experience includes news writing, advertising writing, publishing, and sales writing. She ran her own ad company where she gained knowledge of 81 imprinting processes, including print on demand. Productive, efficient, accurate, she meets deadlines. CONTACT US for a quote for your project.

General Life Coaching $85/session $200/month weekly
General Life Coaching-5 days a week $75/session $1795/month for daily sessions M-F
Entrepreneurial Coaching $95/session $295/month weekly
Entrepreneurial Coaching-5 days a week $75/session $1495/month for daily sessions M-F
Personal Brand Coaching $125/session $395/month   one session per week
Personal Brand Coaching $95/session $1895/month for daily sessions M-F
Publishing Coaching Publish Your Book on Amazon or Kindle $150/session $495 per month for weekly sessions
Publishing Coaching Publish Your Book to Amazon or Kindle $125/session-daily 5 days per week $2495/month-for daily sessions M-F
Personal Vision Coaching-Business Plan or Vision Book-weekly coaching $95/session $295/month
Personal Vision Coaching Life Plan Book-Daily Coaching $75/session $1494/ month for daily session M-F
Sessions are 1.5 hours no-show $50 cancellation fee
Repeating Blog-includes on-page optimization .25/word 2 blogs/month
Repeating Blog-without on-page optimization .20/word 2 blogs/month
Website Content with on-page optimization .25/word 1000 words
Website Content without on-page optimization .20/word 1000 words
Content editing of book or articles .30 per word 1000 words
Ghostwriting a book-includes one pass of content editing .25-.35/word 20,000 words
Publish to Amazon/Kindle (Edited and proofread book in Word ) .25/word 20,000 words
Marketing, Sales, Infographics Writing .75/word 200 words