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For a Pledge of just $150 to KPFK, Dream to Publish Extends a ($930.90 Retail Value) "Self Transformation Through Self-Publishing" Experience! This Epic Learning Experience Offers the Following Tools & Curriculum:

Dream to Publish USB-Pen-Laser Pointer

So, you want to publish a book? Your passion to share your story, wisdom, or joy is an admirable dream and a great endeavor! And now, since the advent of print on demand, democracy has come to the publishing world. But where do you start? It has been said: “You don’t know what you don’t know!” So many of us give up because there is just this one key thing we do not know how to overcome. We can get stuck and never get past it.

However, with this Dream to Publish USB, you will have those important baby-step resources at your fingertips. These tools will help you to move down the “do-it-yourself” publishing road! After spending decades in the publishing business, Ms. Nelson created some very practical resources. These tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time money and frustration—and will help push you all the way through the finishing line! Soon you’ll be telling your friends and family “I am a published author and you can buy my book on AMAZON.” Business clients and colleagues will see you in a whole new way. Here are the resources this powerful little thumb drive includes:

Busting Negative Thought Habits: 10 Day E-Course $34.00
Self-Publishing Toolkit $47.00
Smoothly Written Ride: 10 Days of DIY Editing Tips $27.00
Finding the Author Within Textbook Paperback $19.00
Published at Last! Workbook Paperback $29.00
Publish Your Book Blueprint in a Week $29.00
Powerful Resources Sheet $7.00
10 Dreams to Reality Steps $7.00

Busting Negative Thought Habits

This simple, but effective e-course is part of Ms. Nelson's Self-Publishing Preparation Series. (SPP). Ms. Nelson's success rate is 97% of those who come to her complete their book and publish it. One of the reasons for this is because she carefully prepares her clients to take the journey with simple basics. As one of Ms. Nelson’s newest self-help preparation e-courses, 10 Days of Busting Negative Thought Habits is the prerequisite for publishing your vision book, plus all of our DIY (do-it-yourself) publishing courses.

Busting Negative Thought Habits explores the "10 Big Action Steps" to activate your dreams. This is also featured in the Newest Secret Workbook where it is broken down into further detail. Essentially, this e-course walks you through life-changing action steps in a simple and easy way. Each day you will receive an email discussing a new topic teaching you how to move towards your dreams. This course also includes a thought habit overview in the end. The big key is for you to practice and commit a few minutes per day.

An overview of the steps include:
  • Day 1: Launch Your Courage
  • Day 2: Overcome Obstacles
  • Day 3: Stop Insanity
  • Day 4: Follow Your Heart
  • Day 5: Activate Your True Desires
  • Day 6: Build Momentum
  • Day 7: Free Your Imagination
  • Day 8: Seeing is Believing
  • Day 9: Dreams to Reality
  • Day 10: Mind Power

Self-Publishing Toolkit

Are you ready for a fast start? Are you ready to make the commitment to finally become a published author? Are you ready to boost your business income, or launch your career to a higher path? Becoming a published author will increase your earning power and social currency immediately! An undergraduate degree, MS or Ph.D. degree is an investment which takes years and thousands and thousands of dollars. Why not make your education count even more? Writing and publishing a book can be done in as little as one month—with intense effort, or even an even paced 6 months to a year or two. However, think of the credibility you can gain in your field of endeavor by being a published author. Forget the resume and bring your book to your next job interview!

This toolkit contains the following tools:

Self-Publishing checklist—chronological overview of the self-publishing process $10.00
Seven instructional and inspirational self-publishing videos—you’ll need it at times. $13.00
Intent to Publish Contract—you make a contract with yourself to publish your book. $7.00
Self-Publishing Dictionary of Terms—Learn the terms—it’s a whole new language!. $7.00

Smoothly Written Ride: 10 Days of DIY Editing Tips

Editors can be extremely expensive—anywhere from $40-$150 per hour for a 300-page book for the least expensive editor could cost $500 plus. With Do-it-Yourself Publishing, we have the opportunity to edit our own work. This package contains 10 days-worth of do-it-yourself editing tips to ease your path to publishing success. These clues are invaluable, as they are easy as pie—if you know them—impossible if you don’t! You'll be 85% pro in no time.

The Newest Secret: Part I Textbook—Introduction to Dream Planning

Have you ever asked yourself, how do dreams come true?

Ever wanted to make your dreams come true … on purpose?

The award-winning Newest Secret combines the Law of Attraction with the Power of the Pen and introduces a 10-step personal transformation skillset not taught in schools, colleges, or universities—but could attract more success to you than any college degree, trade, skill, training, or certification could ever bring.

Follow the steps to self-publish your personal vision book. The Newest Secret and companion Author Your Dreams, Author Your Career, or Author Your Book Workbook teach how to make your dreams come true—as a life skill!

The Newest Secret Workbook: Part II —The Vision Planning Workbook: 10 Simple Steps to Bring Your Dreams to Reality

This workbook covers the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps and as you do the exercises, you can expect a transformation that will have you dreaming and writing!

The award-winning Newest Secret combines the Law of Attraction with the Power of the Pen and introduces a 10-step personal transformation skillset not taught in schools, colleges, or universities—but could attract more success to you than any college degree, trade, skill, training, or certification could ever bring.

Follow the steps to self-publish your personal vision book. The Newest Secret and companion Author Your Dreams, Author Your Career, or Author Your Book Workbooks teach how to make your dreams come true!

Ten Dreams to Reality Steps

The Author Your Dreams concept based on the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps that lead you right into the middle of your gifts and talents which remind you of your true dreams. Are you tired of living other people's dreams? Learn and practice these 10 Dreams to Reality Steps to lead you to the life skill set of bringing your dreams to reality.

Powerful Resources List

The RIGHT Information is Power!

Ms. Nelson has read and studied nearly 500 books (or more) over the past 25 years related to the human potential movement. Indeed, she reports that about 10 of them impacted, inspired, and taught her more than all the rest. Here, she has listed some key books on this Powerful Resource List. If just one of these impacts you the way it helped her, then she is pleased to save you from years of looking for key information.

Things you want to do are simple if you can put your hands on the resources and information you needimpossible if you can't. This POWERFUL 2-page list of books, info, and connections will help you feel more confident. And, who knows? One of these resources may even help you to take that first step to publish a book or to learn to action your dreams.

Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms

One of the most difficult aspects of self-publishing is understanding the industry terms. Clear communications and understanding are what can make a book publishing project professional and successful. This 5-page Dictionary of Self-Publishing, you'll appreciate learning new terns that have come along in the past few years. Master these terms and their meanings in order to move through the independent publishing process.

Publish Your Book Blueprint in a Week: Self-Publish a Book with Print-on-Demand

Do You Dream to Publish a Book—But Lack the Time or Know-How?

This powerful learn-by-doing workbook grants you the time and know-how. Learn at your own pace how to publish a printed proof of your book in a week, a month, or a year by actually doing it! Once you become a published author, your friends, family, and peers will see you in a whole new light!

This unique new system familiarizes both aspiring and seasoned authors with every step of the self-publishing process. You won’t even need your completed manuscript to get started. Complete this workbook and your result will be a published proof of your book concept in hand.

This powerful learning process prepares you to propel your book to its final professional quality publication on With this do-it-yourself system will create ONE professional proof, book proposal, or writing journal—your choice! This system not only circumvents countless hours of learning time and frustration but as a writer, you will be well positioned to publish again and again.

This Book Blueprint system offers:

  • Interior template to use to upload to a print on demand venue
  • Displays parts of a book in chronological order
  • Gives 10 easy steps to print on demand publishing
  • Sets you up for free ISBN number and self-publishing account
  • Gets your book blueprint published in a week, a month, a year—with DIY, you move at your own pace! (shipping time extra)

Introduction to Dream Planning—Write Your Personal Success Blueprint

If we were to describe this course in one word it would be CLARITY. This is the first installation of the Dream Planning series—and prepares you to publish your own vision book. What is the vision book? Modeled after the dream board concept, this system is a powerful way to combine the Power of the Pen and the Law of Attraction. You will study, learn, and practice the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps from the Newest Secret textbook and workbook. These books are included with the course in PDF formats.

Deborah S. Nelson does not teach traditional success modeling. Rather, the basis of her teaching is to help you set yourself up to model the best possible version of yourself. This six-week course meets once a week for 6 weeks for 1.5 hours in a personalized webinar venue with Author Deborah S. Nelson. We learn and practice the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps, with the Newest Secret text and workbook as the course curriculum. In this course, you will explore and discover the success blueprint for the best possible version our yourself—and with clarity, you will write the story to achieve that dream. This course is focused on you and your personal and unique method for achieving your concept of success. This is done step by step—and as you go through the 10 Steps in the Workbook, your new story practically writes itself! The clarity you’ll receive in this course is priceless!

Since all Ms. Nelson’s courses offer a self-help option, the most ambitious students may publish their vision book during this time. However, the course is designed to prepare the soil of the heart for publishing a vision book. DP 102 is solely dedicated to publishing the vision book. This course is beginner level and meets throughout 6 weeks for 1.5 hour weekly sessions.

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The Priceless Value of
the Self Transformation Through Self-Publishing Experience 

Dream to Publish USB Pen $233.00
DP 101 Introduction to Dream Planning 6-Week Course $397.00
The Newest Secret Text Paperback $12.95
The Newest Secret Workbook Paperback $24.95