Eve BriereAs a leadership coach for executives in the national and international arena, Eve brings a grounded solid expertise that helps leaders make the necessary and difficult choices as well as take actionable steps, allowing them to be successful in an ethical, conscious and humane way. Eve is adept at coaching leaders in very structured corporate environments at the highest levels, cross-discipline and cross-cultures. Working with leaders of the private sector, Eve asserts that most answers lie in a combination of targeted skills and knowledge of our untapped genius. Through comfortable, relaxed yet focused conversations, Eve and her clients assess goals and strategies to create a working map for implementation. The Georgetown Coaching Partnership, LLC is guided by the ancient Greek expression “Axios!” meaning that which is worthy, right, just and true.

While in Washington DC, Eve served as the Executive Director and Board Member of the International Monetary Fund’s Spouse/Partner Association from 1995-2003. There, she spear-headed work on international women’s leadership development, explored the unintended consequences of globalization, and promoted humanitarian issues. Ms. Konstantine’s clients represent all disciplines of the corporate and non-profit sectors. They include the United Nations Foundation (UNF) the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Foundation at the National Institute of Health (NIH), Rabobank Group, The Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center; the American Institute of Architects, lawyers, designers, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit leaders, etc. She worked on the Gore presidential campaign, and served as a volunteer in the office of Tipper Gore during the first Clinton Administration. Eve is conversant in Spanish, French and Greek.

A Project Partner with The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Ms. Konstantine developed the concept of VQ (Vibrational Quotient), a useful and beneficial tool in the navigation of our personal evolution and the emergent global society. She employs this technique to help clients develop leadership capabilities and support personal growth.

A regularly featured guest on television and radio, Eve has also lectured nationally on health and personal development at universities, hospitals, corporations and conferences. In 1973, Eve developed and taught in Minnesota’s first out-reach program using yoga and meditation as a therapeutic modality. Her CD, “Breathe Easy, A Three Part Guide to Peace Inside” is available on Amazon.