Cindy M. White

Cindy M. WhiteCindy M. White is a life long healer and business woman. She is a massage therapist, real estate investor, property manager, and owns a fine art rental company. Graduating from The Institute For Educational Therapy in Berkeley, California in 1989, Cindy obtained her license in Massage Therapy and Movement Therapy. She received her Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification from Heartwood Institute in 1992. Cindy has a massage therapy practice in Santa Barbara, California for 22 years. In addition, she has taught over a hundred classes, workshops, retreats and college programs in health and wellness at The Santa Barbara Business College and The Body Therapy Institute, including: Insurance Billed Massage, Nature Healing Retreats, Advanced Massage Therapy, The Couple's Massage Workshop, and Energetic Healing based on the work of Barbara Ann Brennan.

You Get There by ~BEING THERE~: Spiritual Quotes by Cindy WhiteShe operates a vacation rental business called Pacific Sanctuary (meaning "peaceful sanctuary" in Italian). It houses vacation renters from around the world as well as offering spiritual classes and charity events.

The Ripple Effect Game For Personal and Planetary Transformation by Cindy M. WhiteCindy White owns a fine art rental company, Art Smart Rentals and Sales. It supports local artists by providing rental income for artists' presentations while providing flexibility and rent-to-own plans for customers. In operation since 2006, Art Smart was featured in the Santa Barbara Art Walk. Cindy's publications include; "You Get There By Being There, a Symphony of Spiritual Quotes" and "101 Answers For My Beloved, the necessary questions to create happily ever after". Other books to come are: Crazy Useless Concepts, and The Awareness Eating Plan. Cindy White enjoys yoga, snow skiing, scuba diving, golf, dance, and travel. She has an exuberance for life and a passionate desire to be of service. Her mission is to remind people to awaken into the magnificence of Who We Truly Are, and to enjoy life all we can.

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