The Real Self-Publishing Toolkit
The Self-Publishing Agreement is one tool in the self-publishing Toolkit offered by Deborah S Nelson of Publishing SOLO Magazine. It is an "Intent to Publish" agreement with yourself. Just like traditional publishing houses offer a contract when there is a decision to publish--so too, as self-publisher, you should also make a contract.
the self-publishing toolkit by Deborah S. Nelson includes The Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms, which is invaluable prior to self-publishing a book. Make your dream a reality by using these invaluable self-publishing tools.
Whether or not you have finished writing the book you want to self-publish, these 33 Writing Hacks for Aspiring Writers when applied will improve your writing significantly. The Writing Hacks are part of our Self-Publishing Toolkit--which includes many invaluable self-publishing tools, books, and courses by Publishing SOLO.
The Real Self-Publishing Toolkit

The Real Self-Publishing Toolkit

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Have a Dream to Publish a Book But Don't Know How? Try this Self-Publishing Tool Kit & Start Today!

If you do not know where to start with self-publishing your book, that's O.K. This self-publishing toolkit will quickly teach you how! 

Prerequisite (Optional): SPP 001: Busting Negative Thought Habits  and ready to learn Self-Publishing Basics Now!

 Written Testimonials & Video Testimonials & Author Library

Are You Ready for a Fast Start?

Are you ready to make the commitment to finally become a published author? Are you ready to boost your business income, or launch your career to a higher path? Becoming a published author will increase your earning power and social currency immediately! An undergraduate degree, MS or Ph.D. degree is an investment which takes years and thousands and thousands of dollars. Why not make your education count even more?

Self-Publish a Book with Tool Kit

Writing and publishing a book can be done in as little as one month—with intense effort, or even an even paced 6 months to a year or two. Yet, this is only if you have a plan and know what your are doing. If you do not know, then book publishing can take  years--and even be aborted! However, think of the massive credibility you can gain in your field of endeavor by being a published author. Forget the resume and bring your book to your next job interview!

This toolkit contains the following tools:

Self-Publishing checklist—chronological overview of the self-publishing process $10.00
Seven instructional and inspirational self-publishing videos—you’ll need it at times. $13.00
Intent to Publish Contract—you make a contract with yourself to publish your book. $7.00
Self-Publishing Dictionary of Terms—Learn the terms—it’s a whole new language! $7.00
33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish $33.00

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